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Today [Jul. 1st, 2012|11:43 pm]
I went with Heather and one of her friends to the nearest municipal swimming pool. At 9am we were the only ones there. Three swimmers, three pool attendants. I was on my very best behaviour.

Spent the afternoon chatting to my brother-in-law Mark about possible covers for my forthcoming novella from Creative Guy Publishing. Mark is going to do the painting just as he did with my Memory Bones collection. We still have little idea what should go on the cover but a better idea what we don't want. Which is progress, I suppose.

Bought another bundle of games for my Steam collection--
I am being very good though and not playing them as I'm now writing the very last scene of White Hide. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Can't let myself be distracted, not now!

Listening to Spiritualized. A new band (they've been around for yonks but they're new to me). Have yet to decide if they're my bag.

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