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I haven't been in the mood to update for a few days, but I can assure my friends that I have been reading your posts, even if I have not commented. Good to see some people are keeping the faith and still using their LJs.

So, it's been a funny old week. Pip recovered from last weekend's tribulations only to come down with diarrhea again yesterday. I took her the vet this morning and she has been taken in for more treatment and tests. Poor pooch. I think we're gonna have to experiment with specialised foods to find something that suits her better. It's quite possible she has a bug of some sort but I suspect she's also developed a sensitive tummy.

Music. I've been listening to OMD's new album, English Electric. It's similar in tone to Dazzleships, which without me googling came out in about 1983. Or yesterday, it feels like to me. Sunny pop songs sitting alongside avant garde, Kraftwerk-esque tracks. Not as accessible as the first post-reunion album, History of Modern, but I'm sure it will grow on me. I haven't got around to listening to the new Depeche Mode album yet.

I was telling Heather I had bought the new OMD LP from iTunes when she stopped me and asked what an LP was. So I had to explain vinyl and 7" singles and 12" long playing records, and how they had songs on both sides. She looked at me with amusement as if I was talking about museum pieces. I could never go back to vinyl (or even CDs), as I love the convenience of downloading music, but I do miss that feeling you got when you put a new record on the turntable and then settled back to scrutinise the artwork on the cover and read the sleeve notes and lyrics. Getting a new LP was an event. Yeah, I miss that.

Other stuff. I've been gaming with friends, mainly Serious Sam 3 (again!) with Olivier and a racing game called F1 Race Stars. Such games are just the ticket when your brain is in freewheeling mode, which mine is right now. But Heather will be back to school on Monday, signalling the end of our Easter holiday, and I want to cultivate the writing habit again. That's my intention anyway. Hm. The road to hell and all that.  

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