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Pip came home from the vet at midday. Sadly she is stuff having diarrhea. It's rather horrible, but what else can we do? She's on antibiotics, eating a paste to stiffen her stools, and we are feeding her the best food for a dog suffering an upset stomach. We are locked in a cycle of cleaning up mess, bathing her and changing our clothes, only to turn around to find she's had another accident.

Stoke lost to Man United, 0-2. We are three points shy of the relegation zone. Talk about sliding down the table. They're in bloody free fall.

Played F1 Race Stars and enjoyed it more than ever. Also Angry Birds Space and an adventure game called The Cave. This last title could have been a classic but the repetition is truly staggering. I'm enduring the tedium to complete it, but what a shame. 

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