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Had to be up bright and early this morning to walk Pip and be back in time for a sales guy from British Gas, who came to give me a quote for a new boiler. £2750, which is only a grand more than I was expecting! My expression must have told him he was wasting his time as he gave me the price, then folded his ;laptop, made his excuses and left. I was grateful he didn't try any hard sell as that would have been adding insult to, well, insult. The quote includes over a £1000 worth of labour. It is a one-day job for one man, so quite how BG justify a thou is beyond me. Mind you, £80 of that is to take away any waste they make. That's big of 'em, isn't it? Oh, and that price includes giving me a £300 trade-in on my old boiler, so the full price should be £3k. Sorry to bang on but...sheesh, they're taking the piss, aren't they.

Painted rhino at Trentham Gardens
I love this! It's a near life-sized jobbie made of ceramic or resin, and stands proudly in Trentham Gardens. Pip was bemused by him. She ran at him barking only to veer away with her tail between her legs, until she got far enough away...when she turned and ran at him again, only to veer away, etc etc. Silly pooch.

Completed a game called God Mode with 100% of the Steam achievements unlocked. Would never have done it without some gaming buddies, in this case Oli and Miron.

The Apprentice was good tonight. By far and away my favourite progamme on TV. I love watching supposedly highly-qualified, successfu,l bright young things make total tools of themselves. Does my blue-collar soul proud, it does. 

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