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It turned out that the gunman lurking around outside Heather's school was a pest control officer. False alarm.

Still struggling with a bad back, although it really is a lot better than it was. I'm hoping to take Pip a walk tomorrow. I'm getting a bit antsy cooped up indoors.

Here's  a pic from a couple of weeks ago, when the family Stone visited the animal sanctuary attached to Fletcher's Garden Centre. We went to get some shrubs and heathers for the back garden.
130519Barn Owl, Fletcher's
I adore barn owls.

Lots of new books on the way. I knew about Graham Joyce's The Year of the Ladybird, but I learned on Rachel Green's LJ that Iain Bans's The Quarry will be out in a few weeks too. Knowing it will be his last will make reading it a bittersweet experience. I may have parted company with his space operas but his contemporary fiction is always a treat. And while on Amazon I saw Terry Pratchett has a new title on the way, called A Slip of the Keyboard. It's a good job my birthday is in July. :)

Pre-ordered the new Sigur Ros album Kveikur direct from the band's website. Hopefully they get more of my pennies than if I went to iTunes or 7digital.

Bought Dungeon Siege III in a Steam sale as it is a top-down RPG similar to Torchlight and Van Helsing. I have just completed Van Helsing and am in the mood for more of the same.

The Apprentice made good TV again tonight. 

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